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students giving a tour of future self center

Building student confidence to provide hope for future success in education, career readiness, and life as a whole

Future Self Center is an alternative education program for students who are struggling to follow school norms in a traditional setting. We develop strong relationships with students through our restorative model and build engagement through individualized learning plans, student voice and choice, and hands-on learning.

Our goal is to provide multiple pathways to spark interest as we help students understand their passions, future career interests, and a deeper sense of self overall. We partner with home districts to ensure students make significant progress academically, behaviorally and emotionally. The ultimate goal is for students to re-enter their school setting with new attitudes, coping strategies and a chosen path toward their future self.

What Makes us Unique


Contact: Matt Housh
Excellence and Innovation Supervisor
(937) 253- 4178 ext. 4206

A message from the Director, Matt Housh

The Future Self Center is a unique learning environment where students and staff work closely to build a culture of curiosity, active learning, and insight. We believe that students need a hands-on, brains-on approach so they can learn to  sustain focus, build tangible skills, and grow in confidence. 

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