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Programs and Services

The Future Self Center is a cutting-edge and ever-evolving program designed in response to the need for an alternative to school removal. See the list below for a brief highlight of the unique programs and resources offered to our students.

What Makes This Program Special

  • Use of a restorative model to build community. We always begin and end the day with a circle to discuss intentions, areas of growth, and success. 

  • Individualized learning plans, targeted academic support, and focus on personal interests.
  • 4 dedicated "MakerSpaces" that focus on design thinking and hands-on learning, including a fully equipped STEM lab, music studio, digital design studio, and sensory-based art area. 
  • Use of career-readiness tools, interest inventories, and tangible skill development. 
  • High school credit options including credit recovery.
  • Frequent field work and community engagement.
  • Targeted family engagement and frequent home-school connections.
  • Industry credential options 
A row of 3-D printers
Student sculpting clay
Bulletin board of artwork made by students
Classroom with bulletin board, tables, and seating
Music studio with drums and keyboard
Comfy furniture for circle time
Student standing in front of t-shirts they made
Box of coding robots
Student building with Lego
Future Self Center affirmation bulletin board
Music studio with chairs and acoustic guitar
Podcast room with purple light